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  Here are seven great things we wrote about this week:

  They are unlocked and free to use, offering little more than a roof, four walls and perhaps a wood-burning stove. The shelters, called bothies, allow for prolonged access to Britain’s rugged corners, which might otherwise prove unforgiving as destinations for the casual hiker.

  Many of the structures have been salvaged by the Mountain Bothies Association, a charitable organization whose aim is “to maintain simple shelters in remote country for the use and benefit of all who love wild and lonely places.”

  As the hard-to-find dwellings become more popular, it is important to remember that they are not for everyone and are meant to be respected. The bothy code prohibits their use for commercial purposes or by large groups. Read more »

  Hans-Jürgen Topf, 62, is the world’s top specialist for handling the soiled laundry of touring musicians and performers. He’s traveled with some of the world’s biggest musical acts, including Madonna and Beyoncé. Dealing with all that laundry can be tricky: The volume can vary unpredictably, and fixed facilities are not guaranteed. On some tours, he spends up to 20 hours a day doing laundry.

  The job also involves high stakes. Mr. Topf once shrank a pair of golden pants that belonged to David Hasselhoff, and a mistake by a dry cleaner he hired ruined a ,000 vest belonging to Janet Jackson. But he is quick to point out that mishaps are rare: “Der Topf is mega-reliable.” Read more »

  Her critically acclaimed debut is at once quiet and commanding, and her nomination is one of 10 for “Roma,” Alfonso Cuarón’s meditative black-and-white film about life in Mexico in the 1970s.

  Ms. Aparicio, 25, had just finished her teaching degree and didn’t have a job when the casting call for the lead role was held in her home of Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca. It was actually her older sister, Edith, who was meant to audition, but Edith was pregnant and insisted that the shy Yalitza, who’d never before acted, try out instead. Read more »

  The Department of Veterans Affairs has successfully used yoga to help treat opioid addiction and post-traumatic stress. And some veterans are becoming yoga teachers themselves.

  “A lot of vets have post-traumatic stress,” said Thierry Chiapello, who served in the Marines and now teaches yoga at the National Defense University in Washington. “By lengthening the exhalation of breath, this gets people out of those fight-or-flight instincts that drain you.” Read more »

  Research in the psychology department at Stanford University found that having a doctor who is warm and reassuring has a positive impact on health outcomes, which goes to show that physicians’ words may be more powerful than we realize.

  In a recent study, a research group pricked 76 participants with histamine, which makes skin itchy and red. Then, the doctor examined the allergic reactions. For some patients, the doctor didn’t say much. For others, the doctor added some encouragement about how quickly the rash would vanish. One sentence of assurance from a provider led patients to report that their reactions were less itchy. Read more »

  Steel City already has two famous artistic sons who are tourist draws: Andy Warhol and August Wilson. Now, the citywide initiative Romero Lives! is aiming to attract devotees of iconic films like “Night of the Living Dead” and “The Crazies.” The former helped usher in the popular, blood-spattered-zombie genre.

  Mr. Romero made maverick movies in and around Pittsburgh for nearly 50 years, often casting locals in his films. The yearlong series, featuring events including a retreat for authors of zombie fiction and a 50th-anniversary screening of “Night of the Living Dead” at the theater where the film had its debut, will run through October. Read more »

  Mac the Moose, a 32-foot-tall sculpture built in 1984 in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, was the world’s tallest moose sculpture … until Norway came along and built one in 2015. That moose, a shiny creation called Storelgen, is nearly 33 feet tall. It was designed by Linda Bakke, a Norwegian artist who saw an opportunity to best Canada at something.

  Now, Canadians are raising money to find a way to make Mac the Moose taller (new antlers, perhaps?) in an effort to restore bragging rights. Read more »

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  跑狗玄机图新版【第】316 【还】【不】【如】【祭】【拜】【我】【呢】 【小】【林】【凛】【毕】【竟】【年】【轻】【不】【经】【事】,【心】【思】【全】【都】【写】【在】【脸】【上】。【贺】【路】【千】【看】【懂】【了】【小】【林】【凛】【的】【犹】【豫】,【也】【看】【懂】【了】【小】【林】【凛】【不】【愿】【牵】【连】【无】【辜】【的】【善】【良】,【笑】【脸】【宽】【慰】【她】【说】:“【不】【必】【担】【心】【连】【累】【我】。【秦】【岛】【慧】【子】【再】【强】【大】【一】【百】【倍】,【也】【没】【办】【法】【伤】【我】【一】【根】【汗】【毛】。” 【这】【是】【事】【实】。 【秦】【岛】【慧】【子】【现】【在】【只】【有】10【点】【战】【斗】【力】【指】【数】,【即】【使】【忽】【略】【无】【间】【地】【狱】

  【天】【地】【灵】【桥】【境】,【气】【海】【内】【的】【真】【气】,【已】【经】【部】【分】【转】【化】【成】【了】【液】【态】。 【再】【通】【过】【吸】【收】【天】【地】【灵】【气】【来】【修】【炼】,【速】【度】【无】【疑】【会】【慢】【上】【很】【多】。 【但】【在】【这】【聚】【灵】【阁】【三】【层】,【浓】【郁】【的】【灵】【气】【已】【经】【化】【为】【了】【灵】【液】,【对】【现】【阶】【段】【的】【叶】【孤】【辰】【而】【言】【再】【合】【适】【不】【过】。 【这】【就】【是】【叶】【孤】【辰】【进】【入】【学】【院】,【所】【得】【到】【的】【好】【处】。 【若】【是】【孤】【身】【一】【人】【在】【剑】【王】【朝】【闯】【荡】,【绝】【对】【不】【会】【有】【这】【样】【丰】【厚】【的】【待】【遇】。

  【陆】【瑾】【康】【抵】【达】【北】【疆】【正】【式】【接】【掌】【北】【疆】【帅】【印】【之】【后】,【整】【个】【人】【基】【本】【就】【处】【于】【连】【轴】【转】【的】【状】【态】。 【虽】【说】【夜】【间】【基】【本】【都】【回】【大】【帅】【府】【歇】【息】【那】【么】【两】【三】【个】【时】【辰】,【欢】【哥】【儿】【和】【乐】【姐】【儿】【却】【难】【得】【能】【见】【到】【他】【们】【的】【爹】【爹】。 【当】【然】【陆】【瑾】【康】【只】【要】【回】【到】【大】【帅】【府】,【总】【会】【去】【兄】【妹】【俩】【的】【屋】【里】【坐】【上】【一】【会】,【偶】【尔】【还】【会】【给】【兄】【妹】【俩】【留】【些】【小】【东】【西】,【表】【示】【他】【曾】【经】【来】【看】【过】【他】【们】。 【这】【日】【欢】【哥】【儿】【从】

  【何】【止】【是】【超】【乎】【想】【象】,【在】【娜】【塔】【莉】【的】【心】【中】,【他】【早】【就】【已】【经】【超】【脱】【人】【类】【的】【范】【畴】,【接】【近】【于】【神】【祇】【了】。 【随】【之】【节】【乃】【婆】【婆】【邀】【请】【两】【人】【去】【她】【的】【店】【里】【做】【客】。 【娜】【塔】【莉】【又】【像】【个】【神】【经】【病】【一】【样】,【用】【双】【手】【捂】【着】【拖】【着】【脸】【颊】:“【哇】【啊】【啊】,【真】【是】【像】【做】【梦】【一】【样】【啊】,【居】【然】【可】【以】【去】【节】【乃】【婆】【婆】【的】【店】【里】!” 【对】【于】【她】,【雷】【音】【是】【彻】【底】【无】【语】【了】,【看】【来】“【矜】【持】”【两】【个】【字】【和】【她】【压】【根】【儿】

  【第】【一】【百】【五】【十】【八】【章】 【再】【一】【次】【被】【朱】【璃】【拎】【着】【领】【子】【拖】【出】【去】【的】【两】【个】【人】,【站】【在】【门】【口】【相】【视】【而】【笑】。 【李】【疏】【偏】【偏】【头】,【兰】【桂】【就】【跟】【在】【他】【身】【后】,【一】【起】【去】【了】【他】【的】【屋】【子】。 “【好】【在】【刚】【才】【我】【手】【快】。”【李】【疏】【提】【着】【手】【里】【的】【东】【西】,【那】【是】【刚】【才】【朱】【璃】【拖】【他】【出】【门】【之】【时】,【他】【特】【意】【抓】【在】【手】【里】【的】。【在】【兰】【桂】【面】【前】【晃】【了】【晃】,【李】【疏】【得】【意】【的】【看】【着】【兰】【桂】【笑】【道】,“【喏】,【糖】【霜】【桃】【肉】,【薄】【荷】跑狗玄机图新版【古】【寒】【珊】【的】【身】【躯】【中】【涌】【现】【出】【滔】【天】【的】【元】【气】,【那】【元】【气】【落】【在】【虚】【空】【之】【上】【便】【是】【直】【接】【化】【为】【了】【恐】【怖】【的】【寒】【潮】。 【无】【数】【的】【寒】【潮】【宛】【如】【风】【暴】【一】【般】【席】【卷】【在】【古】【寒】【珊】【的】【身】【躯】【四】【周】,【一】【股】【股】【恐】【怖】【的】【寒】【意】,【让】【得】【四】【周】【的】【虚】【空】【都】【是】【直】【接】【变】【成】【了】【一】【片】【冰】【霜】【世】【界】。 【秦】【野】【身】【躯】【四】【周】【不】【断】【的】【环】【绕】【着】【淡】【淡】【的】【金】【色】【异】【火】【火】【光】,【此】【刻】【秦】【野】【的】【目】【光】【也】【是】【紧】【紧】【的】【看】【着】【古】【寒】【珊】【出】【手】:

  【许】【久】【没】【上】【来】,【看】【到】【还】【有】【很】【多】【投】【票】,【很】【感】【动】,【小】【子】【書】,【令】【仙】【人】……【真】【的】【很】【谢】【谢】【你】【们】,【但】【是】【我】【写】【不】【下】【去】【了】,【尤】【其】【是】【找】【了】【一】【份】【工】【作】【之】【后】。 【有】【很】【多】【事】【情】【真】【的】【身】【不】【由】【己】,【这】【本】【书】……【我】【也】【已】【经】【不】【确】【定】【能】【不】【能】【写】【完】【了】,【写】【书】【从】【最】【开】【始】【的】【开】【心】,【到】【最】【后】【的】【麻】【木】,【对】【这】【个】【平】【台】【应】【该】【说】,【从】【最】【开】【始】【的】【喜】【欢】,【再】【到】【最】【后】【的】【失】【望】,【想】【一】【想】,【不】


  “【这】…”**【惊】【道】:“【既】【然】【大】【兄】【有】【危】【险】,【还】【不】【尽】【起】【大】【军】【前】【去】【营】【救】,【管】【什】【么】【袁】【无】【殇】?” “【胡】【闹】!”【贾】【仁】【怒】【道】:“【听】【命】【行】【事】!【若】【坏】【了】【主】【公】【的】【大】【事】,【就】【算】【砍】【了】【你】【那】【颗】【头】【都】【没】【用】!” “【哦】!”**【讪】【讪】【而】【退】,【他】【也】【是】【一】【时】【情】【急】。【其】【实】【以】【袁】【无】【殇】【的】【军】【势】,【就】【算】【要】【救】【援】【北】【城】,【也】【不】【能】【直】【接】【率】【兵】【去】【闯】。 “【苏】【启】,【你】【率】【兵】【与】【我】

  【若】【枫】【妈】【妈】【兴】【致】【勃】【勃】【地】【张】【罗】【着】【饭】【桌】,【每】【一】【道】【菜】【都】【是】【她】【精】【心】【为】【儿】【子】【准】【备】【的】,【自】【从】【韩】【若】【枫】【从】【家】【里】【搬】【出】【去】【住】【之】【后】,【别】【说】【见】【他】【一】【面】,【就】【是】【偶】【尔】【吃】【顿】【饭】【都】【成】【了】【奢】【望】,【好】【不】【容】【易】【逮】【着】【了】【机】【会】,【她】【真】【恨】【不】【得】【把】【儿】【子】【栓】【在】【家】【几】【天】【好】【好】【陪】【陪】【自】【己】。 “【他】【爸】,【你】【打】【电】【话】【再】【问】【问】【他】【到】【哪】【儿】【了】,【这】【饭】【菜】【都】【要】【凉】【啦】。”【若】【枫】【妈】【刚】【说】【完】,【门】【口】【已】【经】【传】【来】

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